Fundraising Development & Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies 2017-02-07T00:34:50+00:00

Fundraising/Development & Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies

We put your fundraising efforts under a microscope, assessing your past performance, understanding philanthropic attitudes toward your organization and current strategies to generate a tailored action plan.

A strong development program is critical to the financial sustainability and growth of nonprofit organizations.

  • Who are your potential donors and non-donors?
  • What do donors think about your organization?
  • What are your board members doing to support your strategic and fundraising goals?
  • What communication strategies are in place internally and externally to fulfill the fundraising goals?
  • What is your organization’s case for support and who knows about it?
  • Is your database the best fit for your organization?

We help you build an infrastructure for your development team that ensures success.

Knowing your donor base and retaining them, cultivating the staff and volunteers and board members combined together to meet your fundraising objectives.

  • Why are you raising money?
  • How will donors benefit if they support your efforts?
  • Are you a philanthropic priority for your donors?
  • How are you prioritizing your prospects?
  • How do you match your donor’s goals, intentions and capacity?
  • How do you broaden and deepen your donor base?
“Elayne’s instincts for fundraising are well known especially with corporate fundraising, donor recruitment, and relationship-building. She is diligent at identifying financial needs and matching them with donors; she is intelligent and insightful, creative, and strategic. Elayne brings her best-thinking to the issue at hand and does well in collaborative brainstorming to further enhance and improve ideas.” – Joanne Berwind