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Marketing Reviews

Marketing reviews are increasingly important in today’s competitive environment, where viability hinges on knowing how your organization’s resources compete against those of your strong and experienced competitors.

Critical to each of our marketing reviews, EH&A assesses your competitive approach, skills, and infrastructure by exploring questions such as

  • What business and marketing efforts are not working?
  • How well do we understand our customers, their purchasing patterns, needs?
  • How effectively do communications motivate the target customers?
  • Are we organized effectively to provide services in the way that customers will purchase them?
  • Are our marketing goals communicated throughout the organization?
  • Does our whole staff understand our competition?
  • By what criteria should we set service and business directions?
“Anna’s understanding of fund development makes an organization’s work easy – even when the steps involved are complex and phased over a period of time. She leaves you with a package that a novice could pick up and follow for a successful outcome.” – Prabha Sankaranarayan, Mediators Beyond Borders.