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Sales & Marketing Support

The objective of sales and marketing support is to fine tune your sales organization and marketing support systems by addressing both “formal” sales (when an organization representative sells services) and “informal” sales (when non-sales staff relate to customers).

To optimize the effectiveness of your sales and marketing support systems, EH&A helps you answer questions such as

  • How productive, in terms of revenue generation, is the sales organization?
  • What are the “sales” goals?
  • How can these goals be met?
  • In formal sales situations, what sales strategies will result in opening, developing, and closing sales?
  • What tactics will be effective against competition?
  • What sales management techniques will motivate, support, and measure the success of formal and informal sales people?
  • Is our training effective?
  • What more can be done?
  • What sales support is needed? Product service benefit points?